A simple and easy way to make sense of your money

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A perfect balance

Here are some of the features that make MonSense so awesome.

Multiple Accounts

Create and manage your own accounts by choosing out of more than 150 currencies to keep track of your money.

Quick Expense

Got a repeating expense? Add it as a quick expense and include it in your future transactions with a single tap.

Pending Payments

Keep track of upcoming payments. MonSense syncs with your calendar and reminds you about it in advance.

Export Accounts

MonSense lets you export your accounts seamlessly as an excel spreadsheet or an infographic PDF.


Visualize your spending and earning patterns with the help of a comprehensive pie chart.

Custom Categories

Customize default categories to your liking. MonSense also packs a set of 18 new icons to help you create your own custom categories.

Why MonSense rocks

Our user centered approach makes sure that we deliver just the right amount of features. Thanks to smart defaults and a modern user interface, adding a new transaction with MonSense is a breeze. Here are some of the reasons we believe MonSense makes for a great money tracking experience.

  • Safe and Secure - all your data is safely stored on Apple's servers
  • Lightning-fast and easy to use
  • Simple and bloatfree architecture
  • Easily customizable categories

Keeping it simple

MonSense is a cool new way to manage all your finances. It began with a single goal in mind - to make managing your money easy. It's been an amazing ride since then, constantly simplifying the user experience and making sure every pixel was treated with care.

And it doesn't stop here. We're excited about creating new features and bringing MonSense to a lot more devices, with updates planned for the near future. Download Monsense and send us your feedback to help make the experience even better. Thank you for your love and support!


Here's a peek at what MonSense looks like.

Exclusively on the app store

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